Space Walker: A fascinating rooftop with the best cost performance

PERON SKY CAFE is a rooftop café located in the YELLOW HOTEL in the city area, a short distance from the high-rise buildings of central Jakarta. Unlike the high-end rooftop restaurant-bar atmosphere in the center of the city, this place is popular among the local middle class.

Brand of ASCOTT group

YELLOW HOTEL is a budget hotel brand belonging to the ASCOTT Group, where guests can stay for about US$40 per night. With its casual, pop and fun interior design, it is leading Jakarta’s budget hotel boom.

Photo from Youtube

What is noteworthy here is that the roof covering the rooftop space is a low-cost structure that blocks rain and sunlight.
Users visit at night, and the night view of Jakarta’s skyscrapers and skyline become the focal point of the spatial experience. Therefore, the roof covering the entire rooftop café is a very simple structure that does not stand out.
The design focuses on furniture, lighting, and creating a place to enjoy the night view.

Space design focused on the theme of experience

Space design for focusing on the theme of experiences

Such places are standard not only in luxury hotels but also in budget hotels, and they determine the branding image of the hotel. The use of rooftop space has established itself as a place where the middle class can casually use and attract customers. This is an example of a prime location off the beaten path that offers the best cost performance, and the effective use of the rooftop, which is not included in the floor-area ratio, makes it an attractive space with high profitability.

We believe that if places like this existed in Japan’s major cities, both business owners and users would enjoy them.

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