• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

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Introducing local partner business centered on “company sharing” provided by JPID for mutual development between Indonesian companies and Japanese companies.

For Japan and Indonesia to build a win-win relationship, it is necessary to effectively utilize the management resources of Japanese companies and scale up new services rooted in the Indonesian market. To that end, it is essential to form a team-centered on local staff who can share and understand each other’s business and management concepts.

Recently, there is a matching service with “local business partners” of overseas expansion support organizations such as JETRO, but what is important is not the matching itself, but the content of the local business concept and the formation of a team that makes it possible. There is a question of how to form a team after matching. Rather than finding a partner to start a new business, it is a shortcut in Indonesia to develop human resources who can execute the business plan. We need systems and actions that unlock the growth potential of our team staff.

Some foreign investment companies, they acquire companies to acquire immediate capabilities and hunt the human resources of competing companies to quickly secure resources that save time. Even if such a method can make a profit from short-term business investment, it is not suitable for long-term business investment that becomes a part of the local economic and social system. This is an action that amplifies the job-hopping risk of excellent staff, which tends to be found not only in Indonesia but also in emerging countries.

On this background, JPID has built a human network and task team that has been built in many architectural projects in Indonesia. In particular, while constantly utilizing the network of Japanese-American professionals and entrepreneurs who have studied abroad and worked in Japan, we provide direction of projects involving Japanese companies and local companies and provide local partner services.

We would like to expand “JPID network members” for mutual development between Indonesian companies and Japanese companies.