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What are the most important points for a successful construction project?

In conclusion, “Just as each person has individuality, corporations also have individuality. Accurately grasp the characteristics and promote the project while steadily incorporating the target setting and execution strategy at each stage. That is the point that leads to the best results. Understanding the business entity organization.

Our project managers have participated in projects in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries, and Southeast Europe. In each project, the business entities were different, and sometimes multiple business entities were joined, and there were various ways to proceed and proceed with the project. There is no fixed methodology for project direction, and one method is to think creatively according to the individual circumstances of the project.

The most important guideline common to all projects is the target setting and execution strategy for each business entity, which is conceived based on an “understanding of the business entity organization”. In a project where this point is not well understood, it is difficult for the business operator to take the initiative in directing.

We focus on “architectural direction” that matches the characteristics of the business organization and accurately promotes the project to realize the target.