Business Process Model and Notation for the compass of project business planning

/ Flowchart method for modeling business processes

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is the first thing we start with when developing a project business planning.

It’s a basic task to get an overview of the tasks, timelines, teams, and costs to reach the project target.

It is necessary to make a plan according to the characteristics of the project, tasks are generated according to the business concept of the planning entity, and the projection (outlook) according to the local regional characteristics has a strong influence on the subsequent business progress.

Nowadays, it can be modeled with an app on the cloud, and it is revised promptly in response to schedule adjustments and addition/change requests during the project, and the latest status is updated and shared among stakeholders.

The following is an example of the construction work progress survey assessment workflow.

Each task is arranged chronologically between the start and end of the business, and the process is shown until the survey report is completed.

When there are many items such as construction work, it is possible to manage the entire task by creating each as follows and showing the correlation for each construction item.

Example of business process modeling, “business flow chart”

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