We welcome inquiries for business orders and partnerships from those who are considering architectural projects from a global and sustainable perspective.

We can collaborate with business owners who are looking for attractive projects, business investment, and business companies who are looking to expand their business in Japan and Indonesia.

Please contact us through the following e-mail and WhatsApp for architectural space production (design and construction), product planning and development, branding, various surveys, and for requests, consultations, other partnerships, and various inquiries.

General flow for your request

  1. Inquiry

Please feel free to contact us first. Depending on the content of your inquiry, the person in charge will get back to you with specific instructions on how to proceed.

  1. Proposal

Based on the content of your inquiry, we will present a business proposal (fee proposal) that clarifies the business content, system, schedule, costs, payment terms, etc.

  1. Contract

Based on the business proposal, we adjust the content in a timely manner and conclude a business consignment contract in writing.

  1. Execution and completion of work

We will proceed with the work based on the outsourcing contract, and after confirming the completion of the work content, we will deliver the final deliverable and the work will be completed.

  1. Follow

Depending on the content of the request, if follow-up is required after the work is completed, we will consider continuous communication.

Please send a message from the below E-mail or WhatsApp.

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