Modern architectural plans are based on floor area ratios.
A unit price is set for each floor area, and the total amount becomes the standard of real estate value.
It was a method that made sense during the period of rapid economic growth when the population was increasing. It is a natural situation to think that the architectural plan using the same method as above is a failure from the beginning as a business plan that should be considered from a long-term perspective. Grid-like homogenous spaces that enable maximum volume and flexibility, such as office buildings planned in the 20th century, have already become targets of scrap-and-build redevelopment.

The space creates the experience of things

In this situation, the value of architectural space is shifting, and as is often said, the value of “things to things” and “things to experiences” is spreading, especially among the generation under the age of 40.
So, what should be used as clues when considering future construction business plans?

Among the five principles of modernism, we would like to use two of five principles of modernism, the piloti and the roof garden, as clues for future architecture.

On another page “What is Tropical Modernism?” As we introduced ‘tropical modern architecture, we would like to take a hint from which has independently developed these two principles of ‘piloti’ and ‘roof garden’, and proceed with the creation of architecture in the future. It is the theme of our architectural production.

A space where people can experience a new lifestyle

In order to provide attractive spatial value, we have incorporated a rooftop garden that has become a living space beyond the “piloti” and “rooftop garden” and a “rooftop piloti” that incorporates the “piloti” into the architectural space. We find value in a space where you can experience an “open-air lifestyle” where you can spend time while enjoying the space of various seasons. The time has come to change the value index of architectural space from a value that is centred on things to a value that is centred on things.