From Tropical Modern to Tropical Urban Resort

Both cooking and architecture are equally digital content on SNS such as Instagram.
In both cases, by posting real experiences that have impressed individuals, they can gain empathy from many followers,
Followers can relive and enjoy the information.
By treating both contents as a marketing tool that can be expected to spread information, we can see the correlation as an experience.

Enjoy the Grand Resort architecture!

Here, we define “Tropical Urban Resort as a reinterpretation of Southeast Asian tropical modernity for a more global urban resort.
The “Tropical Urban Resort” architecture, which is linked to the characteristics of the place, nature, history, and culture, can be said to be content like a course meal that you can enjoy at a restaurant or terrace overlooking nature and the city.
General office buildings, detached houses, and collective housing units can be compared to food content, such as Makunouchi bento boxes, which are closed boxes, and can be said to be content packed with functions such as necessary rooms and furniture.

A makunouchi bento box and a course meal
A Box and a Gran Resort architecture

Enjoy the place and time as well as the food.
In addition to building a bento-like box that you can eat anywhere, we want to increase content that allows you to enjoy places and times.
We are promoting the “Tropical Urban Resort” project, which provides an extraordinary experience in urban life, and please look forward to the production of a system that allows you to easily enjoy attractive content.

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