There is a lot of information on the internet about how to proceed with overseas projects, and it is difficult to understand what is the point.
So, we would like to dig into that direction by backcasting thinking, “How do you proceed with the Indonesian project?”

Based on the experience of overseas project management, there is a common rule in successful cases of project issues regarding the management methods of Japanese companies that have been successful in Indonesia.

The rule is “organization of local project promotion team player”.

Japanese companies that have established a solid position in the local market commonly customize their business concept and build a business promotion team. We at JPID also provide staff training days for each project, aiming to improve the level each time.

Recently, partly due to the influence of Covid19, “remote control methods” that utilize multilateral video conferences “VC” have become commonplace.
Ultimately, the “local control method” which is two sides of the same coin with the remote will determine the outcome of the project. This does not change before and after the corona. From the case of project management of other companies in the same industry, it seems that if you carry out a business policy “direction” that violates this law, you will fail. In other words, without a solid execution team at the base of the business “Indonesia”, no matter how remote the environment is set up, it will not be possible to carry out reliable business locally.
In some cases, companies in other countries tailor an instant local partner to receive a project order and promote the project, but in the end, the project strays because the local partner cannot be controlled, and the orderer bears the risk.

When ordering business for a project, we try to evaluate and judge such local “business promotion team power” regardless of whether it is Japanese or local.
It is meaningless to judge the driving force of overseas business by recognizing that Japan is overseas. In Indonesia, organizing a local project team is key. By this law, we would like to lead the Indonesian business starting from now on to success.