Introducing garden architecture for existing stock utilization!

Create a garden in the city,
In the garden, we will place the functions of the cafe, residence, office, shop, and hotel.
There are long courtyards of merchant houses and tenement houses, as well as general gardens that are laid out on a flat surface like so-called courthouses,
There are also sky gardens and roof gardens located on the middle floor of the building.
There is also a step garden that constructs the garden architecturally.

Therefore, we would like to consider how to improve the value of a new type of architecture, “garden architecture,” which incorporates gardens into living and commercial spaces.

An easy-to-understand garden (greening) value index in the current administrative system is the comprehensive design system carried out by city administration. It is a system that relaxes height restrictions and floor area ratios for building plans that satisfy the greening ratio of public open spaces, allowing buildings larger than general building standards to be made. However, this system was enacted in 1971 during the high economic growth period, and it is not aimed at the current hollowing out of cities, depopulation, declining birthrate, and aging society. we think there is room for substantial discussion about how architectural content should be in urban redevelopment projects, which have become gigantic due to this deregulation.

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On the other hand, the issues surrounding us today are the global environment, the hollowing out of cities, the decline in the population, the declining birthrate, and the aging population. It is about indispensable welfare facilities, and the need for shared values ​​and social systems to solve such problems. In addition to the new box-shaped architecture of urban redevelopment projects, the garden is aimed at improving the hollowing out of the city by narrowing down the necessary functional spaces that are familiar to local life, reusing and reusing surplus existing facilities. There is a possibility of “garden architecture” being incorporated into living and commercial spaces. At the same time, there are systems such as subsidies for business operators and residents to stop the hollowing out of cities, preferential treatment for city planning tax, property tax, and inheritance tax, effective use of vacant land and vacant houses, and improvement of the value of living and business spaces. we once again feel the need to manage the ecosystem for resolving social issues, such as awareness reform, as a “small town development” in a local city.

We would like to share the potential of “garden architecture,” which is a development of tropical modern architecture, as an architectural solution to the global environment, hollowing out of cities, population decline, and the declining birthrate and aging population.

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