We are committed to producing investments that provide new value in the architectural space. Below are some of Japan’s social challenges and growth areas for new investments. If you are interested in investing in Japan, please feel free to contact us!

A. Business needs, Social issues in Japan

  • Low birthrate and ageing society/ Highly depopulating society
  • DX/ AI robotization/ Breaking away from analogue society
  • Globalization/ Labor shortage, due to inbound
  • De-industrialization/ vacant land, vacant house problem
  • Decentralized self-reliant society/ Finance, infrastructure, energy

B. Current status of construction and real estate investment

  • Undervalued land and buildings
  • Low-interest rates and borrowing conditions
  • Political stability
  • Weak yen

Currently, under the above conditions, it is an appropriate time to create new businesses and invest in Japan from abroad.