New business concept in the Metaverse era

Contents that shine in the metaverse.

How will spatial contents change in the future of Metaverse era? Although physical and digital content still coexist in human society.

* Metaverse is three-dimensional virtual space and its services are built―in computers and computer networks.

Just as content such as Instagram-worthy photos is an information source that encourages diffusion, sharing, and re-experiencing, we imagine that information sources with look good on the Metaverse will create re-experiences in real space.

For example, information sources in the real space related to the senses of touch, taste, and smell that could not be experienced with 3D digital data, such as the smell of food in a restaurant, or the flow of wind and air, will be used in future sensory devices giving a sense of realism to places on the Metaverse. Or conversely, new information sources from the Metaverse are introduced into the real space.

Just as the Internet space in the 1990s was separated into real space and virtual space. Although the real space and the metaverse are like different dimensions now, however, those are gradually merging, and from the contents with a sense of liveness that is attractive to both sides, then finally new strong products will emerge to create brands. We are now entering an era in which new businesses are conceived with such a vision.

#Reference: In the previous post, we focused on the creation of content in real spaces, with the theme of visual presence with landscapes and landmarks in rooftop spaces.

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