Cities should be places of enjoyable living…

During the process of modernization, cities were functionally divided into urban centers and suburbs. As the population grew during the period of rapid economic growth, work and living places became separated. As the population entered a period of decline and the Covid19 Disaster, people began to feel a change in the distance between work and life, but urban functions remained the same.

From now on, we feel the need to promote an “enjoyable urban space” that integrates work, residence, and leisure time.

Urban Life with Central Park

Compact Smart City x Diversity x Resort

We are convinced that the above multiplying concepts will make attractive urban living possible for Japan’s declining population, declining birthrate, and ageing society lifestyle.
This is because, as far as we know, it has already begun to be demonstrated in international cities such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and it is now possible to install new concepts in Japan that expand on those of other countries.

Compact City

Smart City

IOT services increase the value of urban life and real estate
In an era of declining population, services can be utilized to meet the needs of users.
Access to a variety of services to support your life

Diversity City

Diverse foreigners foster diverse values
Diverse styles of share houses


Rooftop Infinity Pool
Conversion of Rooftop into Living Space
Luxury Residences on the Top Level
Effective Use of Rooftop
Japanese population

In a society with a declining population, falling birthrate, and aging population, population has a significant impact on cities and their economies, so it is necessary to build new business strategies with a vision that includes highly skilled human resources from abroad, technical interns, and tourists in the future.

With the current large-scale redevelopment taking place in Tokyo and many other major cities, having update existing commercial and office buildings has become a social issue, presenting a great opportunity to implement international urban power.

The key to sustainable new business is to promote projects that use the vitality of Southeast Asia and other regions to create new lifestyles to address social issues.

We incorporate spaces that are valuable to social life into business from a global perspective, providing a structure that supports a sustainable profit structure while enhancing the potential of architectural spaces, where their attractiveness reinforces the business.

Introduction of the concept for Lifestyle Investment Projects