JPID think of Project how much impact can delivery to the people living in the community, also think project is investment to build a cultural, political, economic and social system to promote each activity.

We define as “JPID’s project development” is to be involved from the initial stage of business planning including establishment of a local company, then finally we can achieve a system to realize, continue, and develop the target.

There are many cases in which contractor, design company or project management consultant (PMC) is appointed and outsourced after creating a business plan together with in house team of company and making it into a project, but it might already too late to realize strategy for the success. In such many cases, business owner ultimately bears the risk, then must be lost time and opportunities to manage their own invest.

Therefore, based on the experience of being in charge of many international projects by participating in the project teams from the earlier business plan creation stage, we could conduct our trial business execution with business owners and verify the feasibility and risk of business.

We analyze the current situation of the project’s needs in terms of, locality, feasibility, and future potential with following to perform PDCA verification of new business activities or OODA verification that makes decisions speedier before we will create guidelines for subsequent project promotion.




We will speedily judge the feasibility, and if it seems feasible, we will create an organization for that purpose and put the project into operation. A feature of JPID’s project development is to provide a business menu (system of company sharing) for those purpose.