Space Walker: A new spatial experience created by 100 years of history

The Hermitage, a tribute portfolio hotel, is a historical building in Menteng, a quiet residential area in central Jakarta.
Built in the 1920s, the Dutch colonial building has been used as a Dutch telecommunications office, home to the Indonesian Culture Ministry, and the site of Bung Karno University. The current hotel opened in 2014.


To increase the value of the hotel, the existing three-storey building has undergone interior renovations, while a new high-rise extension has added modern hotel features such as guest rooms, function rooms, a swimming pool, a gym and a bar.

Cafe restaurant

Notably, the ‘elegant lifestyle experience’ of the Dutch colonial period has been input into modern life.
The new high-rise building has been extended independently from the existing historic part of the hotel, and a courtyard café, which also serves as a courtyard, has been placed between the old and new buildings to provide a sequential experience of a fusion of old and new spaces.

Courtyard cafe: the upper part is an atrium space separating the old and new buildings.

Not only in this case but also in an increasing number of other cases where historical buildings are utilised to increase their value, new functions are added to the old architectural space, rather than being added to the old space, with a buffer zone of light gardens and courtyards in between.
When utilising historical buildings not only in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia and Japan, the key point in construction planning is how to arrange functions that are appropriate for the old and new spaces.

Rooftop pool

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