Space Walker: Eco Lodge to experience an environmentally friendly daily life

Ecolodge in Bogor, a summer resort on the outskirts of Jakarta.
It has been featured in many media as a popular Instagram-worthy spot. Instagram: @lge_bogor
This facility is unique in that it offers an outdoor camping-like lodging experience while being fully equipped with the same level of facilities as a typical 4-star hotel unlike glamping* which is a recently popular camping experience turned into a gorgeous one, it is a hotel turned into a camping experience.

*Glamping is a coined word that combines the words “glamorous” and “camping,” meaning an attractive camping experience in the outdoors with the same level of service as a hotel.

Room unit
Community space

The detached guest room building is a temporary tent-like “lodge” that is built on stilts to take advantage of the natural terrain, eliminating the need for full-scale earthwork. The interior of the rooms is equipped with standard facilities similar to those of a typical hotel and belongs to a new type of hotel-like tented rooms. Unlike the villa-type resort and glamping that target luxury customers, this is a new positioning type in terms of marketing techniques.

Marketing Technique Example: STP Analysis
Segmentation: grouping customers into groups with homogeneous needs
Targeting: Targeting customers from the segmented groups.
Positioning: Clarify what appeals to the target customers.

The target clientele is expected to be couples, families, and units for 2 to 7 people who can be accommodated on a room-by-room basis for as little as 80 USD per room, a price that can be used by the middle class.

Infiniti pool
Bird view
Night scene

Landscaping such as outdoor pools, ponds, and rivers will incorporate rainwater regulation and reuse systems, as well as farm-to-table agricultural experiences. If total eco-friendly branding is applied, including accommodation amenities, this is a reference model for a sustainable lifestyle business that integrates food, clothing, and shelter. This is a successful example of an urban resort that combines nature and urban living, which is what the citizens of Jakarta are seeking.

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