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“Space Walker” is a project that converts attractive architectural, interior, and urban space experiences from Japan and abroad into content to share the value of space experiences with general consumers and facilitate business matching with space providers such as store owners, architects, and so on.

By converting image sources of architectural production into content, the project provides a mechanism to share widely with the general public and to bring the attractive value of architecture, space, and landscape into business.

First, we have started “Space Walker- X” as a re-experience content to share the value of architectural space.” X” is a space project. The architectural project “X” presented there is a re-experience content to understand our concept.

The purpose of this activity is to share image concepts among clients, partner companies, and international team members, and spread the value of spatial experience to the general public.

As a branding activity for hotels, restaurants, offices, etc., we aim to create a system that allows value-added spatial experiences to be used casually like gourmet experiences, and promote the value and market development of architectural spaces.

We would like to ask for your support to make Space Walker an attractive and enjoyable project for business owners and general users.

In addition, we are promoting the categorization of contents using SNS “Instagram” , “Pinterest”, “Facebook”, and they are possible to search for the spatial features and experiences in the space on each site. You can see the each space from the following.