Spatial experience branding & property value creation

An extraordinary lifestyle is expected in a tropical urban resort space. We would like to think about its spatial value and branding.

Merely preparing an attractive space will not attract people and will not lead to profits. It is necessary to incorporate space into marketing, transform space into information content, and increase its value.

In other words, we need to add value to the space through unique story strategies such as reputation on SNS, review, geography, history, culture, etc., and through the cycle of experiencing and re-experiencing that value, we must establish a brand as content that generates sustainable revenue.

The branding as speaking of ___ is ___.

For food-themed branding, for example, “Gyudon is Yoshinoya, and ramen is Hakata tonkotsu ramen.” Corresponding space branding is the added value.

However, the area of ​​space branding is unclear, and a clear brand image, such as “When you think that the rooftop bar is ___, and when you think that the greening café is ___,” must not be a common issue.

Spatial contents

As an added value for business content, clarify the spatial content, that is, the attractiveness of the city, the attractiveness of the building, and the attractiveness of nature, and highlight the brand image rooted in the lifestyle.

In order to establish a sustainable brand, it is very important not only to prepare spatial mechanisms but also to incorporate the creation of spaces with marketing methods and operations in mind from the beginning into the business model.

Cuisine, products, locations, landscapes, etc. will be key contents, and the spatial contents and branding that will strengthen them will create a system that will continue to generate stable returns.

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