Starlink enables remote management on construction sites.

Starlink is a satellite-based Internet service that aims to cover the globe with a high-speed Internet network by launching thousands of satellites at an altitude as low as 550 km. Starlink:
When this news was announced recently, my first thought was…

Real-time remote construction management on construction sites will be smoother!

Interlink service area and start date: Japan in service, Indonesia from 2023.

That’s what I thought. During a recent building inspection that I was in charge of in collaboration with the technical management division of a major Japanese real estate company, Internet communication was unavailable and we had to use cell phone communication. However, we could not conduct a smooth inspection due to the weak signal at the inspection location, and we had to re-create photos and documents to confirm each other’s work.

Based on the needs of the Covid19 disaster, construction management operations are entering a new phase, including remote video confirmation and timely on-site meetings, through the use of ZOOM and TEAMS and the use of product services that provide remote management systems that utilize smartphone applications. Real-time remote site management is already being used not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia. However, communication may not be available at large construction sites or in secluded areas such as basements or machine rooms.

Mobile apps
Remote on-site management

With an Internet service like Starlink, which utilizes satellite communications to provide a homogeneous communications environment anywhere on the planet, we are now at the stage where we can implement new construction consulting services that alleviate spatial and temporal constraints.

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