Value of being chosen as a film location

In the consumer society market, the value of new product peaks when it is new and decreases over time. The reason why the value of both cars and houses decreases from the time they are newly purchased is that they are products for consumption. In the investment society market, on the other hand, the passage of time must contribute to an increase in the value of the asset in order to earn a return. In the future, what is needed as investment targets are ‘value-added’ assets that create added value over time.


Branding strategies for historic luxury mansions

The architectural content introduced here is “THE BLUE MANSION” on the island of Penang, which is located in South East Asia (Malaysia) but has been used as a location for Hollywood films such as “Crazy Rich Asians“.


Originally the residence of overseas Chinese merchants who were active in Malaysia and Indonesia across the Straits of Malacca, it was renovated into a hotel, restaurant and bar, with the interior and exterior decorated under the theme of ‘blue’.

The luxurious space has been used as a scene in numerous films, and users visiting here can enjoy a real place to stay, eat and drink while imagining virtual scenes from the films, making it a tourist destination that offers a virtual reality space experience.

Main dinning
Bar: Film scenes on the monitor..

Recently, the spread of social networking has also created a virtuous cycle of attracting visitors, as users’ posts attract further users who want to relive the experience. Film and commercial locations have become popular tourist attractions as sacred places for fans. It is necessary in the creation of commercial facilities to prepare in advance in the business plan for the creation of spaces and devices that are designed to attract such visitors.

Thus, in construction investment, incorporating digital, media and other virtual content that increases the value of real places into the brand strategy and creating and maintaining assets that accumulate incremental value creates a sustainable business. The simple approach of simply providing new facilities through redevelopment or renovation and attracting new tenants creates a depreciating asset that depreciates with fashion and age, while spatial value decreases over time.

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